So I haven’t been arranging…

…but I’ve been composing!


Life has been, as always, musically charged since my last post nearly a year ago. Besides rebuilding my classical repertoire, I’ve also gotten to know the accordion a lot better through making covers of anything from Joe Hisaishi to Piazzolla to Imagine Dragons. It really is a different kind of thrill when you show up at a house party and start playing top charts mingled with chansons.

Hanging out and jamming with friends also introduced a flux of indie/folk/blues into my head. But when it comes to creating original music, rest assured that I stick to my classical roots. With three pieces in my portfolio right now, I think it’s a good time to start putting them out here.

In the mean time, I’ve received some inquiries over making new arrangements. While I’ve been inactive in that regard and have not taken new requests, it does not mean I’ve stopped arranging altogether! I personally think of it more as a shift: I prefer live improvisation more nowadays, plus it takes place in a band setting – not exactly something I can turn into sheet music. Also, the moment I started writing my own music, it just feels so much more liberating than working with other people’s scores. It’ll be something new to share with you all; we’ll see where it takes me.

The site might undergo a bit of make-over in the next little while. In the mean time, thanks for your continuous support and visits!

Peace out,



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