Caroline’s Theme

Caroline's Theme_0001Here’s a little arrangement to break the long quiet summer – the main theme from the 2012 Danish historical drama A Royal Affair. Check out the original recording here.

After preparing piano accompaniment for a friend’s orchestra audition (Brahms Op. 120 No. 2) and delegating tasks for my music club, I realized summer was at its end and I had yet to finish revising my two piano compositions. They are now done and will be here for your amusement shortly!

I’ve also been learning the accordion. Apart from playing with my wrists in a restrained position, working with buttons and not being able to see where my hands add extra difficulty to the endeavour. But I’m happy to say that I can now play a couple of waltzes from Amélie and jam to T-Swift. Any instrument is easy when you stick with four-chord songs.

So, to a good portion of you: enjoy the start of a new semester; and to everyone: music is coming!

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