Frequently Asked Questions

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How long have you been doing this?

Unofficially (for personal amusement): since 2002. Officially: since 2011.

I don’t want to use my credit card on a foreign site. Is there another way to purchase your sheet music?

At the moment: no. Tintinpiano is the only legal outlet which does not charge me an astronomical fee up-front (e.g., $100 per score submitted for approval).

Why can’t you accept direct payments and e-mail sheet music to people?

Legally, I cannot claim all profit from selling my arrangements. Under North American copyright laws, I share the rights to the sheet music together with original creators (i.e. composers) and designated copyright managers (e.g. MGM). Therefore, I do not sell my arrangements privately.

Do you take requests?

Yes and no. I’m open to suggestions. However, as I arrange in spare time only, my ability to comply to requests depends a lot on my work schedule.

Can you make video tutorials?

I don’t have the time to film them. Besides, I’m a strongly score-based learner. Learning piano by video always seems to me a dubious practice.

Still have an unanswered question?

Shoot me an e-mail at alex.f.sheen [at]

4 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you or will you produce BETTER recordings of your work? I would gladly buy an album of your HtTYD Piano version, as I did on iTunes with the album of Sebastian Wolff. Your rendering is even better. But I am not going to waste time downloading your iTube videos and detaching the sound channel. Also I think your work deserves good recording quality. The CD by Sebastian suffers profoundly of poor recording.



    • Hi Francesco. I have considered producing and selling high-quality recordings of HtTYD. However, during discussions with a fellow arranger/record producer, it was clear that I preferred recording myself instead of hiring a pianist. That former option seems very unlikely now, considering my work-school schedule. I agree with you in every bit that full recording of the HtTYD arrangements would be splendid, but the general interest seems to have waned, insomuch that hiring a pianist might no longer be cost-effective. In short, I would not expect such recordings to be available in the foreseeable future.

  2. Love your work! I enjoy playing piano sheet music of my favorite movie soundtracks. So thanks for providing music sheets to some of them.

    Would you please consider writing piano sheet music to the new “Jungle Book” (2016) soundtrack by John Debney?

    Breathtaking soundtrack and beautiful movie! I and others would be thrilled to have sheets to that. So jungly and different! Especially “Main Titles – Jungle Run”, “Wolves – Law of the Jungle”, “Water Truce”, and “Mowgli Wins the Race” to name my favorites. PLEASE consider this music, it’s very special to me and I’m dying to play it.

    Thanks again for the your sheet music!

    • Thanks Susanna! I’ve been out of touch with arranging for a while now, so I’m afraid I won’t be considering piano arrangements in the near future. However, I did a quick search on YouTube and came across a few cover videos. Given that it’s only been a month or two since its release, there should be some sheet music popping up soon!

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