How to Train Your Dragon Piano Scores


Seeing How to Train Your Dragon in theatre was an absolutely thrilling experience. Every single element of the film was brilliantly done and John Powell’s score was no exception.

I was eager to find piano arrangements, but no official piano book has been published yet as far as I know. Having learned classical piano for fifteen years, I decided to put my knowledge to use. In February 2011, I embarked on the project to make piano arrangements of the entire soundtrack by ear.

I seek to preserve as many musical details as possible within of my hearing and playing capabilities. The sheet music I hope would meet the desire of many pianists who look for a more demanding version of the amazing soundtrack.

Arrangements were made in their track order, so expect to see a lot more inconsistencies in earlier scores. Piano four-hands, two-pianos and ensemble scores are published for sale via

Super-clean, n-tuple-refined final revisions to all solos are also available for purchase. Most of the revisions are in terms of engraving (layout, spacing, etc.), with exceptions being Romantic Flight and tracks 18-24 (previously published partially). Consider these as final copies following three whole years of work. If you are new to the HtTYD scores, I recommend trying the free arrangements first.

Keep in mind that everything you see here is done by ear (i.e. the soundtrack recording was my only reference). Discrepancies are therefore possible, and you are more than welcome to add your own personal touches.

If you have any comment, question or suggestion, feel free to send me an e-mail at Feedback will be much appreciated.

*Published as partial scores only
#Preview of full revisions
Solo Full/Revised Version Others Recording Original
1. This is Berk -> -> ->
2. Dragon Battle -> -> ->
3. The Downed Dragon -> -> ->
4. Dragon Training -> # ->
5. Wounded -> -> ->
6. The Dragon Book -> -> ->
7. Focus, Hiccup! -> # ->
8. Forbidden Friendship -> -> ->
Two Pianos
Piano Four Hands (preview)
9. New Tail -> -> ->
10. See You Tomorrow -> by Abiah Bull# ->
Two Pianos (preview)
11. Test Drive -> by Caliko, by Zorsy, # ->
Piano Four Hands (preview) by Ryan Baldridge & Malynn Gates
12. Not So Fireproof -> # ->
13. This Time for Sure -> # ->
14. Astrid Goes for a Spin -> # ->
15. Romantic Flight -> # ->
16. Dragon’s Den -> by Paz Leigh, # ->
17. The Cove -> -> / by Coollimes ->
18. The Kill Ring* -> # ->
19. Ready the Ships* -> # ->
20. Battling the Green Death* -> # ->
21. Counter Attack* -> # ->
22. Where’s Hiccup?* -> -> ->
23. Coming Back Around* -> # ->
24. Sticks & Stones* -> # ->
25. The Vikings Have Their Tea -> ->
Additional Music from the Expanded Soundtrack (Full / Highlights) ->
Theme from Riders/Defenders of Berk

Please Read Before Downloading

All piano arrangements made by Alex Sheen on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You are free to share and/or adapt the work for any non-commercial purpose (i.e. that you do not receive any money). You are free to distribute adaptions of the work only under the same or similar license.

For any recording and adaption, please give the proper credits (John Powell, Alex Sheen, etc.) It breaks the heart of arrangers to see their hard work re-posted as someone else’s own creation, let alone being deprived of the proper recognition they deserve. Apart from including a link to this site, it’d also be great if you could drop me a message.

For adapting my arrangements, please contact me in advance.

Thanks for the courtesy!

How to Train Your Dragon belongs to and is © 2010 DreamWorks Picture.
Original score to the film is composed by John Powell.
“Sticks & Stones” © 2010 Jón Þór Birgisson.
The soundtrack to the film is distributed by Varese Sarabande.

Creative Commons Licence

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87 thoughts on “How to Train Your Dragon Piano Scores

  1. Please know that you have done a bang-up fantastic job of transcribing a full orchestral score into piano music. I haven’t found anyone out there who is as good at capturing the nuances and secondary melodies as you are. Keep up the stellar work!

  2. Thank you! As a Music Therapist who truly appreciates what a skill this takes to this work, I fully admire what you have done.
    Thank you again, and my clients thank you.
    Kerrie Davies RMT

  3. I’ve always loved these movies, and it’s amazing to see someone so talented create such accurate piano versions of the songs! Thank you so much for giving me something to listen to and something to play! I’m getting piano lessons soon, and I can practice to play these. Thank you!

  4. You didn’t have an email listed so I wasn’t sure how to contact you. This person keeps uploading copies of your arrangements on Musescore but keeps listing them self as the arranger. I left them a comment asking them nicely to give you the credit and they just deleted the comment. Not sure if you care but I think it’s really annoying. Love your work!
    (These are their accounts):

  5. I’m currently learning ‘This is Berk’ and I think it’s a little difficult but I’m not giving up! I’m so happy that we can learn these songs without a fee.
    Thank you.

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