How to Train Your Dragon 2 Piano Scores


Update 2016/08: Recording by akkeyroom linked.

Given my three-year history with the first film, there was no way I could not find myself in the theatre on opening night. But for the first time, I suffered the misfortune of going through a soundtrack before seeing the film. Let’s just say that track fifteen spoiled a good deal for me and may that be a warning to those yet to see HtTYD 2. On the bright side, my prediction was right: [removed by mod] and [removed by mod].

Anyway, do brace yourself for a teary moment (or a few).

Originally I was set to complain that John Powell recycled too much from HtTYD 1. But after seeing how the new themes, though few, are fitted for the most emotionally-charged scenes, I can but doff my hat to the composer’s genius once again. Whatever is recycled with new orchestration sounds no less epic.

Below are three short arrangements of these new melodies. I also planned on arranging Flying with Mom and Where No One Goes, but have to leave that thought aside for now as I am leaving on a long holiday (as of June 2014). So, consider me out of commission for a while.

As for the rest? Having spent three years devising countless improvisations of the famous four-bar theme in Test Drive, I think it is time to leave those old tunes behind. If you feel up for the challenge, I dare say it is possible to piece together the rest of the HtTYD 2 soundtrack with what you can find up here.

One more thing is clear: I won’t be making another Hiccup outfit for recording this time. But let me know if you managed to follow up that feat!



If you have any comment, question or suggestion, feel free to send me an e-mail at alex.f.sheen [at] Feedback will be much appreciated.

Score Original
11. For the Dancing and the Dreaming ->
14. Stoick Saves Hiccup ->
15. Stoick’s Ship ->

YouTube user akkeyroom has masterfully assembled all three arrangements into a medley.

Looking for other tracks? Try out Silfimur’s HtTYD 2 medley!

Please Read Before Downloading

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For any recording and adaption, please give the proper credits (John Powell, Alex Sheen, etc.) It breaks the heart of arrangers to see their hard work re-posted as someone else’s own creation, let alone being deprived of the proper recognition they deserve. Apart from including a link to this site, it’d also be great if you could drop me a message.

For adapting my arrangements, please contact me in advance.

Thanks for the courtesy!
How to Train Your Dragon 2 belongs to and is © 2014 DreamWorks Picture.
Original score to the film is composed by John Powell.
For the Dancing and the Dreaming © 2014 Words and music by Jón Þór Birgisson and John Powell.
Soundtrack to the film is distributed by Relativity Music Group.

8 thoughts on “How to Train Your Dragon 2 Piano Scores

  1. Is it me or is it incredibly rare for a movie theme to be in 3/4 time? They are almost always 4/4, the only other exception I know of is The Dark Knight Rises with Bane’s epic 5/4 theme.

  2. I am writing a medley of httyd 2 songs and i need scores for “Toothless Found” and “Two New Alphas”

  3. Hi Alex
    We’re getting married at the end of September and we’d like to use your arrangement at our reception. We’d ask a friend to record it so we can play it back for our first dance. Is this OK?

    Do we need to do anything particular to credit you? Do we just add your name and website on CD?

    Many thanks
    Dave and Es

    • Hi Dave and Es,
      A name and website would do just fine, but only if there’s space after the composer’s name! John Powell takes first credit, of course. Many congratulations!

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