Sheet Music Purchase Instructions

UPDATE: Direct credit card payment now available!

Officially licensed arrangements are currently distributed by Click here for details regarding the site.

To purchase scores, you must:

  1. Be a registered member, and
  2. Have a valid credit card

If you have not used before, I STRONGLY recommend you to follow these instructions:


You may sign up using your Facebook account by clicking “Sign up with Facebook”. If you don’t have a Facebook account, or if you prefer not to associate credit card information with Facebook, follow the steps below: 1. Go to the sign up page. Fill out all fields. Then click “Sign Up” to complete registration. 1 An activation e-mail will be sent to you. Follow the instructions to activate your account.

2. Go to main page. Make sure you’re using the English interface. Then log in. 3


3. Go to the score download page. Here you can preview the first page of the score, in additional to MIDI audio plus the original music on YouTube. Click on “Download Score”. 4 4. A dialogue box would then offer you the options of purchasing membership points (old system) or directly purchasing with credit card or Paypal. Choose the second option by clicking on “Checkout with Paypal or Credit card”. (Note: this dialogue box is only visible when you don’t have enough member points – when you’re a new user, for example.) 5

5. On the following page, enter your credit card information to complete the payment. If you have a PayPal account, click on the first option “Pay with my PayPal account”. 6 6. After completing the purchase, you will be provided a download link. You may re-download a purchased score up to 10 times. To do this, log into your account and select “My points and sheet download history” (top of webpage).


Shoot me an e-mail at alex.f.sheen [at] Thanks for your wonderful support!

12 thoughts on “Sheet Music Purchase Instructions

  1. excellent arrangement of Let it Go. I thank you and have purchased a copy. I plan to use it to help me with my own Percussion ensemble arrangement 🙂

    • I’m doing my best to keep my WordPress site clean and navigable. As for, it’s an inherent cultural difference in terms of webpage-design practices. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience arising from this.

  2. Hi Alex, I love your music, but do you know if you’ll ever be able to upload your sheet music to a different site for us to download? I get that you currently can’t do this but will it be possible some time in the future?
    Thanks 🙂

    • I’ve been looking for two years for a better score-selling site to pop up. So far, no results. Also, due to copyright terms, a score published for sale cannot switch distributorship. So, it would be illegal for those scores to show up under a different distributor in future.
      Or do you mean the freebies on Sheethost?

  3. Hey Alex Sheen , I was thinking of purchasing Rise Of The Brave Tangled Dragons but I don’t think is a suitable website. I have to say that I do agree with Chloe Pimlott as the website looks dodgy……

    • Hi Erika. I agree that the choice of hosting site may not be the most appealing one. But please understand that it is my only viable option at the moment without having to break the law or throwing everything up for free. For every comment similar to Chloe’s or yours that I receive, I always try my best to accommodate the follower’s needs and answer any concerns. Since this is all done in private to ensure privacy, I regret to say that the comment section on this page shows more concerns voiced than resolutions thereof.
      Since a whole lot can be said about the site’s dodginess, it would of great help if you could specify any particular point of concern and I will address them to the best of my ability.

    • As the site is hosted in Taiwan, 1 point corresponds to 1 TWD. 100 points these days should be about $3 USD. Keep in mind that there’s 4.4% + 10 TWD charge per transaction, so buying 100 points costs more like $3.60 USD.

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