HtTYD for Winds


If piano alone isn’t enough for you (and/or your musician buddy), here’s a new batch of arrangements – for wind solos and trios! There’s been some demand for various instrument covers, but I only stick with what I’m familiar with. All covers include solo part and piano accompaniment. Romantic Flight is transposed to B-flat so not to make people cringe. To get an idea of what they sound like, check out the MIDI preview on the purchase page – they’re a lot better than my software playback!

I’m right now working to revise all HtTYD piano solos one last time, dealing mostly with formatting and awkward passages. Still, in a few cases, the entire arrangement is altered. These final revisions will be published for sale, while the old ones will still be available on Amid the recent emergence of HtTYD2 teasers and renewed buzzing within the fandom, I realized it’s best to wrap up all project materials for good before the sequel is upon us – however it might turn out. With John Powell as the composer again, the expectations are undoubtedly high. But it’s too early to speculate!

And guess who dressed up as Hiccup again this Hallowe’en!

Track Name Covers (preview at link) Range (help)
Romantic Flight Oboe+Piano (B-flat) F4-E6
Clarinet+Piano (B-flat) F3-A5
Horn+Piano (B-flat) F3-E5
Flute+Clarinet+Piano (B-flat) Fl F4-A6, Cl F3-A5
The Vikings Have Their Tea Flute+Clarinet+Piano (G) Fl D5-G6, Cl D4-G5

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