Suite from Mulan, Childhood Memories

And the arranger finally found time to record!

This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of Mulan, one of Disney’s last jewels before full-blown 3-D animation took over. To pay my homage, I’ve written an original arrangement of the symphonic suite (strange, considering it’s been fifteen years).

Click here for the purchase link and preview.

To put it this way: as a child, I was in love with this soundtrack as much as lots of you are today with How to Train Your Dragon. My parents had to teach me to how use the CD player because I couldn’t wait for them to come over to hit the replay button every time. More importantly, though, the soundtrack – this track in particular – showed me that animation film music can be epic and mind-blowing as well.

Well, look what I’m doing fifteen years later.

One thought on “Suite from Mulan, Childhood Memories

  1. The connection between Mulan and How to Train your Dragon may be less than accidental artistically; Chris Sanders, the creative co-genius behind How to Train your Dragon, did screen play and story supervision on Mulan. See [link] for details.

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