Hey there! I’m Alex. I hail from somewhere in the general area of Toronto, Canada. A university student day and night, I spend my spare time keeping my creative instincts in practice.

I have been playing the piano since 1995. Growing up with little else than classical music trained me well in expressions. Added with the ease of sight-reading, I often find myself diving into a new piece at the expense of my fingers, purely for the sake of good music. My regular repertoire consists of Beethoven, Grieg and Rachmaninov. With a lifelong passion for music that paints vivid pictures in my mind, I also spend a lot of time with arrangements of epic orchestral works. Despite being classically-trained, I have enough up my sleeves to drive a party wild at a piano bar. Apart from the piano, I have also fooled around at times with the oboe, French horn, accordion and pennywhistle. As of summer 2013, I make up the entire French horn section in the school pep band.

I have been making piano arrangements since 2002. With film soundtrack as my focus, I work mostly with classical instrumentation, aiming to supply intermediate-level piano players with scores richer than the often oversimplified official ones.

Have a question or comment? E-mail me at alex.f.sheen [at] gmail.com!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I would like to second Susie on that one. Your scores are gorgeous, thank you so much for making them available!

  2. Dude…you ROCK!! I believe completely in your mission statement and enjoy thoroughly the wonderful arrangements you make. Keep up the good work and thanx for making this great music available!

  3. Hi ! Just a message to thank you ! Your scores are amazing (especially those of How To Train Your Dragon !) and they are very accessible to internediate-levels. Great job 😉

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