Hi and a warm welcome! I’m Alex and this is where you’ll find a collection of my musical endeavours, namely piano arrangements of the How to Train Your Dragon and Rise of the Guardians soundtracks. Be sure to check out my other stuffs as well.

Thanks for the visit and have a fantastic day!

7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Looks great! If you ever get around to a version for Wind Ensemble, I’d be very interested! I am disappointed at how little attention this great score has received.

  2. hey alex, i appreciate you attempting to transcribe Httyd. however, i was wondering if you could start posting mp3 of what your arrangements sound like so we don’t have to scan or play it to hear what it sounds like?

    • Hey Noah. I’m still undecided over posting them. The main issue is that most of the earlier scores weren’t edited to sound exactly as I would play them during playback. Plus, as powerful as Sibelius is, I personally think that MIDI sound still lacks the flexibility to do the music justice. However, I’m still planning to record and upload videos for the whole soundtrack so that people like you can hear them. I hope you understand my viewpoint. Thanks.

      • ok, i totally respect your decision and i agree that it wouldn’t do it justice. i hope you will still hold on to the idea though, because all i want is an “idea” of the music to compare to let’s say sebastian wolff’s. and that way i could decide based on the midi track which one to spend three months on learning. once again, however, i will reiterate that i respect your decision and i congratulate you on your success with the soundtrack so far.

      • Ah, I see now what you mean. That’s actually a really good point to consider. No, I wouldn’t have you physically attempting all the various versions before making your pick. That’d be plain cumbersome.
        What I’ll most likely do is setting up an “unofficial” list of the .mp3 files, so you’ll be able to make the comparison. However, it’d have to be on a separate link, as I don’t have the paid membership privilege to upload mp3. Anyhow, it should be done in a week or so. Or, if you have particular tracks in mind, let me know and I can upload them first to save you the time.
        Thanks for clearing up the issue. I was getting concerned over having to re-edit everything and misunderstood your point.

      • ok, sounds good. what would be nice is test drive followed by forbidden friendship. as those are, i believe, the favorites of the public. i would be learning them for a non profit show (thus i don’t think i need permission) and they would be nice to play. not to keep pestering you, but i will once again portray my interest in four handed arrangements and piano duets as these are much more exciting and sometimes easier. but it’s your time and sleepless nights. i appreciate you taking the time to talk and i hope to see progress soon.

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