Alive and well; Natsume’s Book of Friends S6

Yes, I’m still around! I’m mostly playing the accordion nowadays; it’s not exactly the best instrument to have engraved arrangements for.

I recently took my first step into the realm of anime music and made a little arrangement for the opening theme of Natsume Yuujinchou Roku (Natsume’s Book of Friends, season 6), which began airing a couple of days ago. I picked up on the series last summer and… well, let’s just say I can easily dash off a dozen posts on my love for the bittersweet stories and characters, but that’s not what this blog is for.

I got overjoyed at the quotation of Pomp and Circumstance, plus the use of what sounds like the accordion or a portable pump organ. The full version of the song, Floria, will be released in May. Until then, if you are as desperate for music as I am, here is something to keep you busy!

Click on score below to download. Rated intermediate level as it is in G-flat major. Enjoy!


I’m also working on an accordion cover, but sshhh… don’t tell anyone!

HtTYD – All Revised

All final revisions of HtTYD are now published. Score preview videos will be up in coming weeks. So, how do these full revisions differ? More organized layout, unified notations, metronome marks and, where possible, better-arranged passages. If you aren’t so much after the quality as the music, the rough solo scores (via Sheethost) would suffice. Keep in mind, however, that tracks 18-24 are published in full only as revised scores.

In other news, Tintinpiano now supports direct purchase using credit cards. The site administrator has kindly considered my suggestions and created a more streamline interface for international users. This includes a much-simplified registration process and direct credit card purchasing (in US$), eliminating the complicated point system.

Keep an eye out for the epic suite next week!

“Forbidden Friendship” Video

This marks the last of the recordings I made this summer, a total of six out of the first eight tracks (“Dragon Training” and “Focus, Hiccup!” needs more practice and possibly revision). It may be a couple months before new videos are posted. Originally, I planned to maintain a weekly upload schedule, but schoolwork and band committments kept me occupied through the better part of the term.

I’ll be spending Christmas break (ridiculously short this year – a mere week and a half!) to prepare for the next filming session, as bigger pieces like “See You Tomorrow” and “Test Drive” require some extra effort. Meanwhile, newly transcribed scores will still be posted. Thanks for the patience and understanding!