More HtTYD Recordings

Still missing HtTYD after all these years? Here are some cool performances of my arrangements that I recently came upon – apparently a lot happened during the two years I was offline. My highest regards to all you talented musicians for sharing your love for HtTYD with everyone!

Test Drive for piano four-hands by Ryan Baldridge and Malynn Gates – never thought I’d ever be able to hear this played, let alone with a viking fur vest. This recording deserves a lot more views.

See You Tomorrow by Abiah Bull – The way she tackles all those flying notes, just – wow. At last a recording for this demanding piece!

HtTYD 2 Medley by akkeyroom – Combining all three arrangements apparently ramps up the tear-inducing factor thousandfold (trust me, I’ve been there). Hats off to akkeyroom for playing right up to the last passage. The emotions couldn’t have been expressed better. If you want an even heavier dose, Terry Hankins also made a recording, matched with clips from the film (link contains SPOILERS).


Easter Egg!

Whether or not you follow Easter, here’s a bonus present from the RotG project! Recorded this yesterday with a talented friend of mine. A million thanks to E for making the music come to life on the flute!

First time recording with a fellow musician, and it sounds so much more wonderful than just plain piano playing.

Stay tuned – another cover of “Still Dream” to come next!

The Croods, and Being Ahead of the World

Now, arranging a soundtrack within two days of official film release is a scary record in my book, but I can’t wait to show everyone Alan Silvestri’s classic-sounding score. No doubt it makes a big difference when DreamWorks gets someone who’s been big since the 80’s (Back to the Future, anyone?)

Sampled, arranged, and recorded within 12 hours – another record there. The sheet music still requires some thorough editing, so I guess I’ll wait until more people have seen the film (myself included) to decide on further uploads. After all, it hasn’t even been a week yet!

“Still Dream” & Official Publishing

Surprise! Here’s the most wanted arrangement of the whole RotG soundtrack. Many of you probably guessed at this already. I love the song just as much as all RotG fans and couldn’t stand not having it arranged. Sorry to all who e-mailed me with the request for this song – I’ve been keeping it a secret since Christmas!

The second big, BIG news: this is soon to be legally published! After months of searching, I’ve finally found a website that allows me to publish arrangements and earn profit in accordance with industry laws and policies. Right now the score is still awaiting review and approval, but it will likely be marked for sale at $1-2 USD. All the information will be provided here when everything is good to go.

If you’re already getting disappointed that this sheet music won’t be uploaded for free, I urge you to read on.

Some of you probably know that I’ve been working to get myself published for a while now. When this site first started with the HtTYD project, my only goal was to share the brilliant music with everyone. Thanks to the unfailing support from all of you over the years, I discovered that I actually have the ability to produce decent-quality arrangements.

Personally, I believe that all arrangers have the right to freely distribute sheet music. But, after dealing with various parties, I want to bring to people’s attention how difficult it is for amateur arrangers like us to find desirable legal publishing outlets. Due to discouraging practices by big sheet music companies, so many arrangers resort to uploading arrangements for free that it’s almost considered the norm. Even though this is great for music lovers like you, we all suffer to some degree by not being able to earn money for our hard work: countless hours spent at the piano and the computer just to produce a neat, smooth arrangement that you can play to your enjoyment. By publishing a score that is in relatively high-demand instead of offering it for free, I hope that more people will learn about our struggle and support us to change things for the better.

Of course, I can’t convince you to pay for my work (though a price of $1-2 USD seems a fairly good incentive). But speaking as an arranger, I ask you to please let me do this right for once.


“The Vikings Have Their Tea” Double Upload

And here we are, at last! A double upload of both the sheet music and the video recording. Since the track measures only 37 bars, it’d be a crime to cut away anything. Plus, as the last official upload in plan, I thought I better end this whole thing on a decent note as a thank you to everyone who’s been supporting me all this while.

This track is probably more familiar to those who watched the film in theatres, since it was played during end credits in theatre version, but taken out from the DVD. (Yes, my friend and I stayed through all of the credits for the sake of picking out peculiar names.)

Actually, this is the first tune I ever learned to play from the soundtrack. The day after watching HtTYD in the theatre, I jotted down a few notes on a sheet of paper and took out my pennywhistle…The rest is history. But it wasn’t for another whole year before I finally decided I was in this for real. You can read more about how the project started here.

I thought I’d write a bit more to mark this long-anticipated occasion, but the amount of things to cover made me decide to save that for another day. So stay tuned – don’t just run away with the sheet music!

Amazing Performance of “Test Drive”

Despite my ongoing business with Musicnotes, which has been keeping me from making updates, I decided the break the month-long silence after discovering this on YouTube this morning – a great performance of my arrangement of “Test Drive” by Zorsy.
For the very first time another fellow musician did me the great honour and I’m absolutely amazed the way he tackled everything (even the ossia bars I slipped in). Best of all, now you can hear for yourselves what the arrangement actually sounds like!

That being said, I feel bad for falling behind my promise of practising the arrangements for recording. It’ll come, probably when the weather’s cool enough for me to don the Hiccup costume again.

If you’re still anxious about the Musicnotes business, it’s coming to a close. I only have a few things to clean up on my end before I make the formal announcement.