Romantic Flight Orchestral

Remember this from five years ago?

I managed to convert the .sib fileĀ into the much nicer-sounding MIDI interface of Musescore. Though I won’t be uploading the transcription itself, below is a video with extracts. If you’reĀ really curious about the original score and instrumentation, I suggest you look up John Powell’s original orchestral score.

The 20+ instrument tracks are arranged in stereo, so try listening on headphones for a different experience!

“Romantic Flight” Progess

Here’s a quick peek at what my life has been for the whole week past:

Having made marching band arrangments for “See You Tomorrow” and “Test Drive”, I decided to take it a step further with a full orchestral arrangment of “Romantic Flight”, to test the limits of my ears. It’s actually more exhausive than I expected, since I need to blast the music over and over at maximum volume in order to pick out every instrumental detail. I’ve been working on alternate days so to make sure I don’t go deaf. Anyways, I’m quite happy with how it’s turned out so far. The screenshot above shows the finished woodwind section at the climatic tutti.

The completed score will be used to make more precise arrangements for piano and (possibly) ensembles.

To sum it up: I haven’t forgotten about the project and “Romantic Flight” is definitely on its way!


p.s. For your amusement: I’m listening to Beethoven’s seventh on the radio right now and I’ve worked my ears to the extent that I can pick out four to five parts simultaneously. This is scary…

“Test Drive” Piano Solo

“Test Drive” is finally up! You can find the file on the HtTYD page.


Sorry about the week-long delay. Even at the beginning of the project, I knew there was going be a good deal more pressure on this track, since it’s the perhaps the most recognized melody/segment from the movie. Work on transcribing “Test Drive” actually started way back in April, but I kept switching back and forth between this and a few other projects on hand (minuscule illuminations, band arrangements, etc.). Imitating the percussion line also made it the most difficult one to transcribe so far.

I’ll be taking a short break before moving on through the second half of the soundtrack, but do expect to see the next upload in a couple weeks!