Game of Thrones, The Rains of Castamere

sGame of Thrones_0001First of all, for those of you who missed the last post: I’m back!

To kick off the season five premiere, here‘s a personal rendition of the (in)famous Rains of Castamere, followed by the opening theme. Being four years late to the game (ba-dum-tssh!), I know I’m just adding to the large pool of GoT piano arrangements – so feel free to compare and contrast!

Just recently a few public pianos were put up around my school. I gave the arrangement a try this past week, but sadly no one seemed to recognize it. Perhaps I will give it another shot tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more sheet music this spring/summer!

Coming Soon(er than Winter)

As you may have guessed from the inactivity, the arranger in me went into hibernation again after HtTYD 2. But rest assured that I’m still making music!

Shortly after completing the arrangements, I moved out west to take up my graduate studies. Being without a piano for the rest of the summer really limited the amount of useful things I could make for this site. So in the meantime, I started a collaboration with Silfimur, transcribing his prodigious piano covers into sheet music. If you haven’t done so, check out his collection of sheer epicness!

As I settled down at the new school, I joined a group performing music at senior homes. It really helped me brush up on my classical repertoire. I met some talented young musicians in the folk/acoustic/alternative scene and we’ve been jamming, going as far as doing an open mic together. (Imagine playing the piano like a banjo along to Little Lion Man!)

With the arrival of a new keyboard, the creativity bug suddenly got me and I whipped out my first two ever compositions – a rondo and a march. Nothing too whimsical. I adhered to classical aesthetics at every given chance, though some soundtrack influence may have slipped in there as well. I’ll put them up shortly for your own amusement.

However, enough of that for now. Let’s get to the real reason why I’m writing this:


Winter may still be coming after four years, but it’s never late for music!