How to Train Your Dragon 2

Looks like John Powell did have a few new tunes up his sleeves after all.

s11 For the Dancing and Dreaming_0001s14 Stoick Saves Hiccup_0001s15 Stoicks Ship_0001

There you have it: three short quickies in time for opening night. While previewing the new soundtrack, I had almost abandoned the thought of making arrangements when the new melodies came up. If John Powell is not trying to paint the Vikings more Celtic than in the first film, then I have no idea what he is up to.

The rest, being largely replicated from the first film, is nevertheless just as well-orchestrated. Anyway I won’t bother with it. For those looking for a challenge, you might consider rearranging from the twenty-five solo scores up here.

Note: I’m leaving on a long vacation, so consider me out of commission for the next little while!



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