Complete HtTYD on Piano Playlist

Ever wondered what the whole 72-minute HtTYD sountrack sounds like on piano? Find out here:

Three years ago, I would never have dreamed to put this up with less than a month before the sequel comes out. That’s how long this project lasted!

Due to school and various commitments, I only managed to record ten of the 25 tracks (plus Zorsy’s amazing interpretation of Test Drive). The rest is completed with enhanced MIDI, in addition to preview snippets. That being said, if you have recorded or plan to record one of the arrangements, don’t hesitate to let me know and I can update the playlist.

Speaking of the sequel, I had a look at some of the released tracks plus the first five minutes of the film. Despite the equally epic atmosphere, it seems that John Powell paraphrased his previous score quite extensively. I only hope that, for promotional purposes, they have concealed some awesome new melodies!

One thought on “Complete HtTYD on Piano Playlist

  1. I have a couple recordings from a year ago of Forbidden Friendship. One of them just an audio recording from home and the other a video recording from a recital. It’s Sebastian Wolff’s arrangement though, but just letting you know they exist if you were interested in hearing them.

    I’m still working on the Battle with the Green Death. I’ve almost got the first two pages down. It’s slow going, but it’s coming along. I’m scared for the last page though with that E-major Toothless theme!

    But I’m really liking the arrangement of it so far! Thanks for all that you’ve done again!

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