HtTYD – All Revised

All final revisions of HtTYD are now published. Score preview videos will be up in coming weeks. So, how do these full revisions differ? More organized layout, unified notations, metronome marks and, where possible, better-arranged passages. If you aren’t so much after the quality as the music, the rough solo scores (via Sheethost) would suffice. Keep in mind, however, that tracks 18-24 are published in full only as revised scores.

In other news, Tintinpiano now supports direct purchase using credit cards. The site administrator has kindly considered my suggestions and created a more streamline interface for international users. This includes a much-simplified registration process and direct credit card purchasing (in US$), eliminating the complicated point system.

Keep an eye out for the epic suite next week!

8 thoughts on “HtTYD – All Revised

  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to pay for the revised scores! I’ve played Sebastian’s arrangements of Forbidden Friendship and This Is Berk, but having an arrangement for the full score of the soundtrack would be fantastic! Thank you for all the time that you’ve devoted to this! It is very much appreciated =)

    • Much appreciated, Jeff! I’d recommend trying out the (free) Sheethost arrangements first. As I mentioned in reply to Knutt, most of the revisions are in terms of engraving, while the notes are more or less the same. Prominent exceptions are Romantic Flight and tracks 18-24 (partially published originally).

      • I’ve purchased and printed off your arrangement of Battling The Green Death. I hope to put on a concert some day where I run through the entire score’s worth of music start to finish, and that one and See You Tomorrow will probably be the most difficult to play, so I’m going to look at both of those and see about getting them worked up before tackling some of the easier ones. It’s been a few years since I’ve tried to play something that involved!

  2. These new arrangements are awesome, but I must say, having spent the better part of two years learning This Is Berk to my satisfaction… yeah… that’s one new arrangement I’m not trying. 😛

    • Perfectly understood. I should add that while a few scores (e.g., Romantic Flight) are extensively revised, most differ only in terms of layout and engraving. I’ll specify this on the score page as well.

  3. Hi Alex,
    I downloaded ALL of your new arrangments for HTTYD yesterday and I can’t wait to try them! All but two that is. Tintinpiano would not allow downloading for “Drago’s Dan” and “Where’s Hiccup.” The rest went flawlessly paying by credit card.

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