The AS Epic Secret Project – Revealed


RBTG Cover4s

Coming soon: Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons piano suite! What is more epic than a medley of not one, nor two, but four awesome soundtracks altogether?

I am currently in the final stages of editing and hope to publish the score within the next little while. So look out, fandoms!

Here is the colour-coded key:


This is how I ship.

Logos and pictures of Brave, How to Train Your Dragon, Rise of the Guardians and Tangled belong to DreamWorks Animation and Walt Disney Animation.
Montage by [link].

7 thoughts on “The AS Epic Secret Project – Revealed

  1. I am not exaggerating when I say I started crying. I can’t even. I don’t care if you charge me fifty dollars I will pay every cent for this thing.

  2. Hi Alex, I have tried to purchase your arrangements on for months now without success. Most of this website is not even in English. Is there any other way I can get/purchase your arrangments? I am looking for your finalized HTTYD arrangements especially but can’t wait for the Brave Mangled Dragons! BTW, I played some of your arrangements on a grand piano in the lobby of a hotel I was staying at over the weekend and was actually receiving tips! The first time I have ever made money playing piano. And, again, I would love to give some of that money back to you for these arrangements and also for your arrangement of “Let It Go” which I have been unsuccessful obtaining as I already said.

    • Tintinpiano is right now switching to direct credit card payments but I haven’t confirmed when they’ll have it in place. I’ll make an announcement once confirmed. On the other hand, well done! Since the HtTYD arrangements are going up for sale, I guess I should be taking out the “non-commercial uses” clause.

      • Thank you. I am hoping you will be able to offer for purchase the complete arrangement for “Battling the Green Death” and “Counterattack” and any other incomplete HTTYD pieces. I can’t wait for the Brave Tangled Dragons! I’m sure it will be phenomenal. Maybe you can offer a teaser…how long does it take you to play this full score?

      • Given the ideal scenario where I make no blunders whatsoever (which is almost never), the suite currently sits at fifteen minutes.
        All complete arrangements for HtTYD are now up! And direct credit card purchase is now available. Let me know how well the new system works.

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