“Let it Go” Piano Solo; Broken Camera

Let It Go_0001To celebrate the opening night of Disney’s latest Frozen, here is an improvised arrangement of Demi Lovato’s cover of the song sung by the snow queen Elsa. Have I seen the film? Not yet, but sometimes the world just wouldn’t wait, right?

To give people a better idea, the score preview covers the entire length of the arrangement on MIDI. Unfortunately my recording camera is broken after I bashed it on an outcrop during a field trip. So, no I won’t be able to make any recordings in the near future. The playback on Tintinpiano.com, however, seems decent enough.

Again, purchase link is accessible via the score thumbnail. And instructions can be found in the main panel on the left.

What happens from here? Well, I’ve been lately occupied with revising How to Train Your Dragon scores. There’s also another secret project in development. When I have time to sample the Frozen soundtrack, I’ll see how well the Norwegian folk elements are incorporated and maybe even pull something out of it!

7 thoughts on ““Let it Go” Piano Solo; Broken Camera

  1. Your work is amazing and your composition is fantastic! Personally I prefer the Idina Menzel version of Let It Go and I am unfortunately not an expert in music writing. Are you planning, or rather, would you be open to making another version of this song for the composition in the movie? That would be awesome! Let me know your thoughts!

  2. I like the song! It’s very fluent and this is my first time hearing such a beautiful song. Can you send me the lyrics?

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