“Still Dream” for Flute; Reappearance

If you haven’t already noticed on the RotG page, “Still Dream” is now available in flute + piano cover!

s01 Still Dream_Fl

Thanks to working full-time this summer, I still haven’t found the time to record the (secret) Mulan arrangement after more than two months. Pardon the delay, I’ll try to put it up before September – but even that’s a big try there! Although work doesn’t leave me with much desire for piano at the end of the day, it’s really nice to finally have some real income – did you know that I’ve sold enough sheet music to buy myself a meagre, student-budget meal?

So what’s up next otherwise? Well, now that the teaser for HtTYD 2 is out, I really should be cleaning up the last bits and crumbs of the project: instrumental covers, piano four-hands and duos, plus revised solos. New scores will mostly go directly to sales, but there’ll be more on that when I get a better picture. I’m also a few ideas away from finishing an immense, epic arrangement that is also time-dependent, but let’s keep that a secret between us for now!

In other news, I returned to the school pep band after a year-long self-exile from ensemble music. Apart from supplying the only French horn in the 20-strong group, I’ve also been writing new arrangements for people to fiddle around with. It’s been a long trial-and-error process working with a dozen or so instruments at the same time. With five awkwardly-sounding arrangements already down, I think it’ll take a few more before I come up with something decent.

After all, piano is still my forte. (Ba-dum-tsch!)

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