A Journey Back in Time

If you thought I work only with the newest film soundtracks out there, check out the recording below and come back in a month. You will not be disappointed.

Now, I’m actually curious – how many of you out there do not remember when Mulan came out (June 1998)? Leave a comment below if you’re part of the newest generation of soundtrack fans!

4 thoughts on “A Journey Back in Time

  1. I was six when it came out, but I never saw it until about 2005. Awesome soundtrack. Difficult to find the disc now, though.

  2. I can’t remember the year Mulan was released, I suppose you could attribute that to the fact that I was about a year old. But I have watched it many times throughout my childhood, and I still love watching it every now and again. The older I got, the more I actually listened to the orchestral compositions, and took note of the specific instruments employed, instead of just the musical parts where the characters started singing. Although I can still sing along to those parts like nobody’s business! The classic Disney movies I grew up with definitely taught me to appreciate a soundtrack of a film just as much as the film itself, and this is one of my very favourites, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Have fun!

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