“Still Dream” Vocal Score

s01 Still Dream_vocA new milestone on this site: first non-piano-solo score to be published! I realized there’s still a need for the vocal score out there after reviewing popular search engine results.

Arranged for solo soprano and piano accompaniment in the original key of D. The piano portion is mostly based on the solo version, but the melody is given to the soprano (i.e. I didn’t just copy and paste everything). You can check out the rest in the first-page preview above.

As before, the score can be purchased on Tintinpiano.com. Please read through the instructions carefully if you’re purchasing my arrangements for the first time. I hope to supply a recording some time this spring/summer.

Again, thanks for your support!

2 thoughts on ““Still Dream” Vocal Score

  1. having a difficult time buying your score…. is there an easier way to get this? my 13 year old daughter is a soprano, and it would make it easier for her to learn the piece if she had the vocal score. i do not have my own score to submit, and I’d rather pay for the music sheet. How else can I do this?

    • To buy the sheet music, first you’ll need a credit card to purchase points on Tintinpiano.com, which is then used to ‘buy’ the sheet music. I know the site appears rather poorly organized, but let me know if you’d like to clarify specific steps in the instructions.

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