Purchasing “Still Dream”

Thanks for your patience. The sheet music for “Still Dream” has been officially approved and is now available for online purchase on Tintinpiano.com. Please access the download links via the RotG score page. You can preview the score on the download pages and check out my recordings.

As with most online purchases, you need to be registered on the site and have a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) However, as the site design is not very intuitive, I strongly urge you to read the instructions below if you’re considering purchasing an arrangement.


Tintinpiano is a network site hosted in Taiwan that allows arrangers to upload their own arrangements for sale. The site holds legal agreement with respective copyright-administering associations, which licenses it to commercially distribute sheet music derived from works that are registered under most music right holders around the world. The English interface on the site is unfortunately a bit choppy at the moment, but rest assured that it is legitimate and legal.


Most scores are priced at $50 TWD (New Taiwan Dollar), which is roughly equivalent to $1.70 USD. Tintinpiano uses a point system where users purchase points via PayPal or credit card. These points are then used to download scores, with one point being equivalent to $1 TWD.

The site places a minimum of 100 points per transfer, plus a small transaction fee, so you would need to pay $116 TWD ($3.87 USD) if you’re using Tintinpiano.com the first time. To compensate for this little inconvenience, most of my sheet music are marked at 50 points/TWD. This way, you get a double-deal to start. (Transfer limit no longer in place as of Feb. 2014)

Tintinpiano also awards arrangers points per score published. So, if you’re an arranger like me and are searching for legal publishing outlets, feel free to e-mail me for more details.

If you’ve managed to read through the above descriptions, allow me to thank you first for being one very determined supporter.

Purchase/Download Instructions

2 thoughts on “Purchasing “Still Dream”

  1. i was ecstatic when i saw that you had arranged ‘Still Dream’, it truly is a beautiful song (and the one most suited for piano among all the RotG soundtracks, in my opinion), but since you had put it up for purchase…sigh
    don’t get me wrong, from your post on March 12 2013, i understand your decision to publish your score, it’s just that…i don’t have a credit card to pay for the score (the plight of a poor high-schooler)
    by the way, i was amazed at how well you play the piano, and the arrangements you’ve made are beyond excellent, do keep up the good work.

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