On Requests and Name

With the popularity of the RotG arrangements, I’ve received many messages lately requesting so-and-so arrangement. I meant to say this a long time ago. In plain words: I don’t take requests.

It’s hard to make such clear statement without coming off a little blunt and I hope you’ll forgive me for this. As I’m just a university student who makes arrangements as a spare time hobby, I really cannot produce on a regular basis by taking requests. I take joy in looking into every suggestion and idea people share with me, but my next arrangement I’ll make when I come across something that sparks my musical creativity again.

I don’t wish to disappoint anyone with this somewhat delayed response, and I hope you understand from the perspective of an amateur. Bear in mind that I have chiefly my academics to look after, plus other things…

To cheer you up, though, I’m glad to announce that my name is now included on the Musicnotes arrangements (link). After further correspondence, I believe the company and I have now reached better understanding. Again, I just want to remind everyone to treat the company with due respect, for it is legally in right to distribute the sixteen arrangements. Also, they seem quite keen to facilitate the process for arrangers to publish their scores – a positive initiative.

An important post to come soon.


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