A Very Urgent Message from Your Arranger

I received words this afternoon that Musicnotes is very upset with a few messages they’ve received recently regarding the HtTYD arragements. From what I gathered, I’ve been giving off the impression of denouncing the company and implicitly inciting attacks towards it. Having grown concerned with a few reactions I’ve gotten from followers lately, I’d like to take this chance to clear everything up once and for all.

First off: in strict definition, Musicnotes did not steal. Before the HtTYD arrangements were put up on their website, they did make an attempt to contact me (proof). I replied with a few more inquiries but never got further reply from this specific contact. It was an honest issue of miscommunication that anyone could’ve made, though I logically proceeded to dismiss it as a scam message at the time. If you carefully read the message, which I’m now sure came from Musicnotes, you can clearly see that the company intended to offer a payment in the very first place for using my arrangements. There was never any intention for theft, and I hereby admit fault for having inappropriately applied the term “rip-off” on a few occasions.

Another point of my ongoing complaint was of my name not appearing on the arrangements on Musicnotes.com. The e-mail I received today gave me a much-valuable clarification from my contact, that the company had not received such request during our rather hectic correspondence over the summer. Again, another inevitable issue stemming from multi-step communication, which I understand perfectly but did not have enough evidence to believe in until today.

In fact, along with the clarification, Musicnotes has expressed their wish to comply with my request for credits. According to my information, most arrangers working with Musicnotes request their names not to be mentioned. In this sense, the company is making an exception for my case. I’d also like to remark that Musicnotes has been surprisingly lenient with the degree of transparency I’ve given to our dealings, and I’m thankful to them for that. Otherwise, I would never have been able to inform all of you about my various decisions over the HtTYD arrangements from time to time.

In summary, miscommunication is what I reserve complaints for and it’s not to be so singularly blamed on any party alone. It was a problem with both sides of the communication and I humbly admit fault on my end as well.

Such is my view of the whole matter regarding the way Musicnotes dealt with my HtTYD arrangements. Even though, at the height of the crisis last summer, I took meticulous care with wording and discretion in my posts and comments, they were nonetheless written at a time when I was in a terribly distraught state. As such, I understand how my words may have misled certain readers into thinking that Musicnote is the aggressor and I the victim. That is not the case: I am a victim of the state of copyright laws, which grants Musicnotes and any other publishing company the right to do what they’ve done. Though being paid in something other than royalties was a less desirable solution, Musicnotes has done what they could to accommodate my requests, which have been unfortunately not very well expressed and/or understood in our correspondence.

Therefore, I would like to urge everyone to please stop attacking Musicnotes by means of comments, postings and messages. Attitudes and actions as such seriously affect the business relation I hold with the company. The fact that I accepted a monetary compensation qualifies our correspondence as of such nature. Though it wasn’t achieved in the most desirable fashion, it was still business nonetheless and I’m obligated to maintain it professionally so, even as an amateur arranger.

There were numerous times when I hesitated about approving certain comments for appearing on the site, and I admit my mistakes for not having exerted tighter control over wordings others have used when referring to my case. I did not want to give off an impression of censoring my followers and supporters, but with such matters, a certain level of discretion is inevitably required, which I’ve now learned the hard way.

That being said, I urge you to please consider your wording before submitting future comments. Even though we now live the age of Internet and you’re perfectly excusable from your (anonymous) comments, I as the owner of this blog am responsible of what I keep up here for everyone to see. Therefore, any phrasing – past and future – which I consider may invoke unreasonably negative perception towards the company will be removed from posts and comments.

I thank you for your attention and continuous support, and at the same time beg for your understanding and compliance.


3 thoughts on “A Very Urgent Message from Your Arranger

  1. Well, now I feel sheepish…
    I still feel bad for you, Alex, but I guess MusicNotes deserves a little slack. They could have tried harder, though… but oh well. The last thing I’d want is to give them reason to hate you. Perhaps I shall go leave a kinder comment on one of your arrangements (and encourage them [nicely] to communicate more clearly in the future).

    • Thanks for the understanding, Knutt. I have reasons to believe it was a couple more recent messages that prompted them to contact me.
      Again, I know specific posts where I used provocative phrasing and I admit fault for such misconduct on my part. I’m in the process of communicating an apology to them, and hopefully we can all be on better terms after this is sorted out.

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