“Oath of the Guardians”, Wrapping up the Holidays

s27 Oath of the Guardians_0001Here it is – the sixth and last Rise of the Guardians arrangement, from the ending scene. (I would’ve used the word “touching” there, but which scene from the film isn’t?) Either Desplat’s instrumentation is easier to grasp than HtTYD, or I’ve gotten better at replicating epic passages. Still, the constant changes in time signature drove me nuts, so I simplified things a bit.

This concludes the holiday-special goodies. Making these arrangements gave me lots of fun over the otherwise-bland holiday season locked up at home. And I hope it gave you something to enjoy as well, whether or not you’ve seen RotG. Nonetheless, stay tuned for more upcoming video recordings!

For those of you returning to school next week, wish you all the best and don’t get too glued to the Internet. If you’re absolutely, hopelessly bored, then I suggest you check out my new blog, where I’ve been writing short stories.


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