“Jack’s Memories”, New Year’s Greetings

s21 Jack's Memories_0001Hello 2013!

I half promised myself that I would stay away from music for New Year’s Day to work on my new story, but broke it as soon as it was made. (Well, it was a half-promise anyway.) After reading a message from a fellow RotG fan, I decided to include this track as an excuse to arrange the epic guardians theme.

You may better recognize the melody from “Calling the Guardians”, which I skipped over for its lower arrangement potential. Only yesterday did I discover that the theme is also featured at the end of “Jack’s Memories”, which is more or less a reprise of “Alone in the World”. So, there it is!

This main theme (not shown on the page) is considerably harder to arrange without losing the original magnitude of the orchestra. A popular piano cover on YouTube features the melody and bass only, while I was keen on keeping the flying violins as well. That being said, this pianist is much more talented at than me at my very best. Do check out the channel at your leisure.

Now, back to writing my super epic story!


P.S. Come back in a few days for the wrap-up!

3 thoughts on ““Jack’s Memories”, New Year’s Greetings

  1. Yay, new track!! ^.^ Are you going to do any other extra tracks, do you know yet?
    By the way, I didn’t know you were a writer! I thought you should be, because your posts just made you seem like the type. That’s so cool! I like to write, too. 😀

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