“Wind Take Me Home!”, Resolutions & New Blog

s05 Wind Take Me Home!_0001Music from the scene where Jack Frost roams about the streets of Saint Petersburg (did you know that?). I take my hat off to Desplat for the distinctly-Russian passage at bars 12-13 (0:23 into the track). The festive air is really fitting this time of the year.

As tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, I’m making an early upload so not to rob you from good company. We can all be music- and film-lovers, but let’s get away from the Internet for a day or so to spend some time with the dear ones around us, eh? (That is, if you’re addicted to anything as hopelessly as I’m to the piano.)

New Year resolutions for the blog:

  • Finish recording all five RotG arrangements
  • Resume regular piano practices
  • Work on my new blog – did you know that I also write stories?

Wish you peace and joy in 2013!

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