Christmas Present: “Jamie Believes”

s23 Jamie BelievesChristmas Day has arrived! Looks like Jack Frost has been kind enough to the GTA this year (while saving the best for Boxing Day, apparently. But oh well.)

Whether or not you’ve unwrapped Santa’s presents, here’s mine to all RotG fans out there: the wonderful theme from the pivotal and moving scene between Jack and Jamie. I won’t give out any spoiler here, but wouldn’t you agree it stands for the whole film? Even as a twenty-something, I have to admit working on the piano with wet eyes at a few points…

On a more cheerful note, working on the RotG this holiday season gave me the unprecedented joy of having some music other than Christmas carols to fill my head with. Trust me, it comes really handy after getting bombarded with one crappy cover after another at the shopping mall.

Uploads will continue through the New Year. But until then, wish you a joyful yuletide with good company and music!


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