“The Cove” Video and Piano Suite in Development

There’s always some way to tell everyone I’m still alive, eh?

The idea of arranging an HtTYD suite started a long time ago while I was working on the main bulk of the project. But it was soon brushed aside for lack of creativity – I knew the themes, but not how to arrange them in a logical sequence, or to come up with the transitions in between.

Yesterday I returned to the idea again out of sheer boredom. After a whole morning of hopping back and forth between the laptop and the piano, the whole thing was drafted up, thanks to a fresher mind after a long break from the project and also some improvisation lately. The next step is to actually write out the notes in Sibelius, which is going to be a very slow process, as all the segments will be re-arranged (i.e. my personal takes) and the whole thing currently sits at 15-20 minutes.

The detailed schematics of the suite will be a secret for now, but I can tell you at least that it begins with “This is Berk” and ends with “Test Drive” – how else?

In other news, I was watching trailers and features of the “Rise of the Guardians”. Who else is weirded out by the use of HtTYD soundtrack?

Have a safe a sound rest of the year,

One thought on ““The Cove” Video and Piano Suite in Development

  1. I was TOTALLY weirded out with the use of HTTYD music in those trailers! Did you know that John Powell was going to compose music for Rise of the Guardians, but then at the last minute they switched to Alexandre Desplat? I was so disappointed 😛
    Either way, RotG was still a good movie. 🙂

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