“The Vikings Have Their Tea” Double Upload

And here we are, at last! A double upload of both the sheet music and the video recording. Since the track measures only 37 bars, it’d be a crime to cut away anything. Plus, as the last official upload in plan, I thought I better end this whole thing on a decent note as a thank you to everyone who’s been supporting me all this while.

This track is probably more familiar to those who watched the film in theatres, since it was played during end credits in theatre version, but taken out from the DVD. (Yes, my friend and I stayed through all of the credits for the sake of picking out peculiar names.)

Actually, this is the first tune I ever learned to play from the soundtrack. The day after watching HtTYD in the theatre, I jotted down a few notes on a sheet of paper and took out my pennywhistle…The rest is history. But it wasn’t for another whole year before I finally decided I was in this for real. You can read more about how the project started here.

I thought I’d write a bit more to mark this long-anticipated occasion, but the amount of things to cover made me decide to save that for another day. So stay tuned – don’t just run away with the sheet music!

4 thoughts on ““The Vikings Have Their Tea” Double Upload

      • *gasp* You can’t wait that long! That’s in two years!!! D: I loved the entire project! Good job, sorry for your troubles, and I look forward to seeing whatever you post next!! 🙂

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