Bonus Material: Additional HtTYD Music!

As a surprise upload, here are nine additional tracks from the expanded HtTYD score! When Treepelt reminded me of their existence back in June, I was just about to start on “The Vikings Have Their Tea” before wrapping up everything. These are mostly theme fragments and cues, some of which didn’t even make it into the film. Only a few were worthy of piano arrangement in my opinion, but since I set out to arrange the whole soundtrack, I decided to stick to my word. A day and a half later, there they are – nine whole pages. It was actually quite easy doing this at the end of the project, since all available themes are used up and anything new is just repeats or variations. Instead of spending hours on certain bars, there was a lot of copying and pasting.

For those looking for just the musically-worthy bits, I uploaded the highlights as well (containing only tracks marked with asterisk). If you’re as obsessed with the HtTYD soundtrack as I am and, for some reason unknown , want to play even a ten-second cue on the piano, then go for the full, nine-page score. This also applies to you lot of sheet music collectors out there, I guess. None of this has real commercial potential, so publishers would have to be out of their minds to rip this off for sale.

Score includes:

  • Did Anybody See That?
  • War Room*
  • Hiccup Comes Home
  • Offering
  • Teamwork
  • Charming the Zippleback
  • Astrid Finds Toothless
  • You’re Not a Viking*
  • Relax/Stroke Hell*

3 thoughts on “Bonus Material: Additional HtTYD Music!

  1. I got mentioned!!! 😀 Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the sheet music!!!!!!!!! I was running out of new sheet music to learn…

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