“Sticks & Stones” Piano Solo

Long ago, at the start of the project, I joked with my roommate about undertaking the hideous task of breaking the Icelandic words down to syllables so to write out the vocal line for this score. He annotated the lyrics with his own spelling system and we sang it together a few times.

We had to stop when he realized we were going to rip our vocal chords singing falsetto à la Jónsi.

Anyway, since this is a piano solo, I didn’t bother with the vocal line. An online version has taken care of that- which I’m sure you know didn’t come from me. This is the proof that I can do much better. Counting repeats, the “partial” score actually contains the full length of the song, only with a few improvised ornaments and passages taken out. The cool percussion interlude I replaced with an eight-bar improvisation, which I think works out quite well. I might post a video of it some day.

Departing from Powell’s music, this one may look somewhat less creative. As was the case with later tracks in the project, I took some liberty and added a few personal twists here and there. But when it comes to a song cover, I’d rather that everyone find their own ways to make the music fun to play. Unlike typical orchestral film score, you only need the melody and the chords to decipher a song (usually); the rest is all up to you.  Improvisation actually plays a big part in all these arrangements. This here is only my personal take and I don’t expect everyone to follow it note-by-note.

In my stubborn habit of sticking with the original, the left hand is left as mostly sixteenth notes. As great as it sounds, it kills my wrist after a few runs. I’m sure someone out there will come up with better solutions.

Are we near the end already?

2 thoughts on ““Sticks & Stones” Piano Solo

  1. Wow, you did a much better job arranging this than I did. 😉 I agree, those sixteenth notes do a number on my wrist too. I do a hard tremolo for 3/4 of the song, so your idea is a bit better. Good job!

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