“Where’s Hiccup?” and Some Bonus Material

…and it’s the other half!

Keeping up with the partial uploads, I decided to make everyone happy for once by posting the half that people are probably still looking for. If you sorted through enough search results to arrive at my site, I’m sure you know where to find the second half. My transcription of the famous piano solo wouldn’t be much different from any other out there.

Lately I’ve received a number of private requests for the unpublished scores. Though I’m sure every one of them were good-natured and meant no ill, I had to turn them down. Making only partial scores available is to make sheet music enthusiasts out there aware of the perilous business of music arranging (i.e. how little rights we arrangers have). I don’t wish to conduct distributions in secret since that’d be unfair to those of you who actually chose to wait with me for the legal process to get through. It is always my goal to make the whole HtTYD project available one day, by means of sales if I can’t distribute them freely.

As a thank you to for the patience and understanding, I hope to keep you all entertained with some never-seen-before materials from the project, of which the following video is the first:

If you’re interested in how I arranged the whole HtTYD soundtrack by ear, here’s an exclusive peek. Usually, I start with a double-piano score on Sibelius and “plot out” all the notes I hear as I play the track. I’d end up with a four-staff score that looks almost like a two-piano arrangement and from there, I condense things down to a solo piano. Needless to say, these rough transcriptions sound better than the solo scores and a few of them went on to become actual two-piano arrangements. Since the demand for piano duo and four-hands are restricted to certain tracks only, it wouldn’t hurt to show segments of these rough project files. Plus, you get to hear how much more epic HtTYD sounds with double the space for notes!

As I will be gone on vacation at the end of the month, I’ll try to finish the rest of the uploads this coming week: the last three tracks, plus some bonus scores (well, depending on how you see it)!



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