“Counter Attack”, Partial Uploads and Some Links

Let’s see…I originally drafted a whole post to point out all passages I had fun arranging in this track. But since security concerns forced me to make partial uploads only, it’d be useless to talk about them here. If you are among the lucky ones who archived the original uploads of tracks 18-20, you might notice how I’m cutting down the arrangements. The musical backbone is still there, but I managed to take out some crucial bits. I guess if I were cruel enough I could include just the bridges, with accidentals all over the place – but that’d be unfair to those of you who come here for the sake of music. It’s the support from everyone – whether in the form of download counts, comments, or private messages of encouragement – that really makes the project go on.

If you missed the original uploads and are looking for a complete version of “Battling the Green Death” and “Counter Attack”, I suggest you check out tomekkobialka’s two-piano transcription, arranged directly from the original conductor score. Since I’d still like to be able to boast having worked through the project entirely by ear without ever touching the leaked orchestral score, I dare not listen to the cover in detail, but by a quick glance it looks as professional as it can ever get.

Lastly, here’s a nice performance of “The Cove” by Coollimes:

One thought on ““Counter Attack”, Partial Uploads and Some Links

  1. That transcription was beyond description. It was so beautiful and sounded just like the original track!!! Thanks for posting it! And way to fight back with those partial scores. I love your little footnote at the bottom of the sheet music. 🙂 Keep up the good work!!!

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