Amazing Performance of “Test Drive”

Despite my ongoing business with Musicnotes, which has been keeping me from making updates, I decided the break the month-long silence after discovering this on YouTube this morning – a great performance of my arrangement of “Test Drive” by Zorsy.
For the very first time another fellow musician did me the great honour and I’m absolutely amazed the way he tackled everything (even the ossia bars I slipped in). Best of all, now you can hear for yourselves what the arrangement actually sounds like!

That being said, I feel bad for falling behind my promise of practising the arrangements for recording. It’ll come, probably when the weather’s cool enough for me to don the Hiccup costume again.

If you’re still anxious about the Musicnotes business, it’s coming to a close. I only have a few things to clean up on my end before I make the formal announcement.


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