“Battling the Green Death”

*The link is now restored on the HtTYD page.”

At 6:19, 202 bars, spanning over nine pages and containing seven tempos and eight key changes – the longest track of the project is now up!

Only at this point did I realize all existing motives have been exhausted. “Battling the Green Death” is literally a potpourri of all the various themes, much like “This is Berk”. Here’s a broad summary of what the track consists of:

  • Allegretto ben accento – very end of “Dragon’s Den”, merging into the chaotic last section of “Dragon Training”; bridge; epic variant of mid-section of “Dragon Battle”
  • Alla marcia trionfante – march-like variant of clarinet solo in “This is Berk” (right after the “Romantic Flight” theme); choral melody in mid-section of “This is Berk”; repeat of the march-theme in really odd chords; cuts straight into “Focus, Hiccup!” (most of it)
  • Allegretto monstroso, con brio – a even more chaotic reprise of the end section of “Dragon Training”
  • Andante – Andante pesante – string chorus and fiddle theme in “The Downed Dragon”
  • Allegro con spiritoso to end – all of “Test Drive” save the odd bars 38-42

(The fact that I can so easily make the list above without referring to the files themselves is a bit disconcerting…)

The sheer epicness (usually the amount of notes) of many of the passages made this track the most exciting one after “Test Drive” (and soon eclipsed by “Coming Back Around”, as it turned out). Here’s an example of two variants of the same theme in two different tracks.

But the best of all was the “Test Drive” reprise, which gave me a chance to try out different renditions of the famous theme previously conceived. Nothing could describe my joy at finally figuring out the following passage:

On technical grounds, it was only possible for this to sound intact when played at 132 bpm.
In other news…well, that’ll be another post for another day. Meanwhile keep track of my progress in the “HtTYD Project Log” box on the sidebar!

3 thoughts on ““Battling the Green Death”

  1. hey dude, i just realized that your score had no measure #’s. not necessary, but i would recommend including them in the future as it is helpful for students when learning from a teacher. 🙂

  2. Yaaaaaaaay! It’s done! Not that I can play it or anything. It is the hardest song in the soundtrack. You must’ve worked very hard!

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