“Your Eyes” Piano Solo

Piano arrangement of Arashi’s “Your Eyes” has been posted to Other Scores. The score was made at my sister’s suggestion. Although not an particularly avid fan of Japanese pop myself, it was a great chance to take another break from the project for a day or two. Besides, it was a lot of fun to elaborate an otherwise simple piano arrangement with what I learned from making the HtTYD score. The only thing that caught me off guard was the extensive dotted rhythm in the melody, which I guess is to be expected of modern songs after all. That only prepares me all for the better for Jónsi’s “Sticks and Stones”!

For any Arashi fans out there: this is the extended version.

One thought on ““Your Eyes” Piano Solo

  1. Hey Alex, you might think about attaching mp3s in the future for people to listen to. I would probably end up playing more of your arrangements. )

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