“Test Drive” Piano Four Hands

Note: the file has been removed indefinitely.

The much-anticipated “Test Drive” for piano four hands is up! From now on, though, I’ll ask that you access the file from the HtTYD page. This saves me the trouble of editing all the links when newer revisions are posted in future.

I previously wrote a post about the making of this arrangement, and since there isn’t much else for me to add here, I invite you to check it out.

Two new things I learned from this arrangement:

  • It’s much tidier to keep two piano parts in a four-hand score as two separate files, instead of using Sibelius’ built-in “four-hand layout” feature
  • “Test Drive” is the most wickedly amazing track of the whole film and is clearly beyond anything my vocabulary can describe

6 thoughts on ““Test Drive” Piano Four Hands

  1. Agree completely. Best film score EVER. Alex, you are my hero 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Uhh if I don’t have to write my dissertation, I would have finished my Test Drive for 3 guitars 😦

    • hey ryan, i actually have a guitar trio. so if you make guitar trio arrangements of stuff like romantic flight and such we may very well play them should the opportunity arise. 🙂

      • Yes if you don’t mind please send by email please 🙂 Although I don’t think I can record anything until I finish chapter 2 of my dissertation 😦
        Either yusuf or ryan is fine, ryan is my nickname though 😀

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