“Ready the Ships” and My Week with Marilyn

*The link is now restored on the HtTYD page.”

Piano solo of “Ready the Ships” is up. As usual, you know where to find the file…

The lento bit captivated me so, that I decided to make a suite for flute, clarinet, harp and cello alone. Only when I started working other themes to the same instrumentation did I become stuck and the idea was shelved almost as soon as it was conceived. Given the time I have on hand, I’ll stick with piano alone, at least until I’ve reached the end of the soundtrack.

If you’re interested in some rare finds, or not as confined to HtTYD alone (as I probably give an impression of being), or if you’re simply curious to see what other musical tasks I occasionally take up, I offer you the various piano solos from the 2011 film “My Week with Marilyn”, by Alexandre Desplat and Conrad Pope, transcribed by yours truly. No official sheet music has been published to my knowledge, but as these are merely note-for-note transcriptions of music composed specifically for piano, I really can’t claim much credit. Still, as with HtTYD, please don’t use the score or any deviation thereof for commercial purposes.

7 thoughts on ““Ready the Ships” and My Week with Marilyn

  1. Hey Alex do you know what good metronome software? I use NCH Software TempoPerfect v2.02 but it cannot handle gradual tempo change during the passage. And I sense a rallentando (gradual slowdown) when Toothless being boarded to the ship, just before the lento part.

      • I would say it starts from 6 bars before the lento… I dunno, my ear can also be wrong as I just play the CD with metronome running on the background. Start of the song also more sounds like 96 bpm too (which introduces another slowdown somewhere to 86 bpm). But you didn’t do anything wrong 😀 It’s your arrangement after all, I don’t have the right to change it, and “arrangement” is not “transcription” 😀 Great work!

      • Those I usually leave out under the assumption that they were recorded at the conductor’s liberty. As a meticulous person, though, I agree with your observations entirely.
        I only started adding metronome marks recently to help Sibelius play through tempo changes more smoothly and I really don’t intend them to be followed exactly (unless you plan to accompany the film on piano :P). There’s always space for interpretation. An interesting discussion, anyhow.

      • umm.. back to the question, do you know good metronome software? Or do you not use metronome at all?

      • Oh yes, about that. I use a Korg MA-30, which has a feature where I press a button along with the music and a number shows up. Apart from working in Sibelius, I very rarely use a metronome.

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