“Forbidden Friendship” Four Hands

Note: the file has been removed indefinitely.

“Forbidden Friendship” for piano four hands has been posted. Click on either image above to access the file. The arrangement turned out to be a more labouring task than the two piano because of overlapped melody lines that needed to be untangled and placed into different octaves to make sure the hands don’t clash. The facing-page format also took me a while to edit on Sibelius. Same with the two piano arrangement, I couldn’t effectively proof-play to polish the musical elements of the score and relied instead on software playback. So if any bit appears to fall short when played, feel free to add your own interpretation and notify me directly. In future, I hope to find another pianist who can sight-read as well as I can to help me with this.

By the way, here’s a lovely five-guitar cover recorded by fellow musician Yusuf Adriansyah. The bright timbre of the guitar brings a livelier side to the music.

And that completes the all the piano arrangements for the track, hurray!

7 thoughts on ““Forbidden Friendship” Four Hands

  1. hey when i opened the file the secondo came out ok i think but it zoomed WAY in on it and i don’t think all the primo pages are there. btw, are you going to do a quartet (8hand) arrangement?

    • I just fixed the zoom problem, but all pages should be present for both parts (5 each plus cover). It might be easier to view in facing-page mode in Acrobat. Thanks for pointing it out though.

      As little experience I have with two piano and four-hand arrangements, I have even less for eight-hands. Personally I think four hands cover all the notes pretty well. The only quartet I have on file is for strings. Are you looking for an arrangement for multiple players? I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I might do a blend between piano, strings, percussions and woodwind in future.

      • i have 4 people (counting myself) who want to a piano quartet for a choir event. ad we were having trouble deciding. then i remembered you. 🙂 piano for 8 hands is what i am looking for.

      • Ah, I see. In that case, I can definitely split up the duet scores further to accommodate eight hands. It’ll sound almost the same, but each part will be simpler. I assume there’ll be two pianos?

      • ok i want to be as impressive as possible and feel free to make it as hard as you want as long as coolness is included. 🙂 and yes it will be 2 pianos 4 hands at each making 8 hands total. 🙂

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