“Test Drive” Four Hands Preview

With two new scores ready to for upload, I returned to working on “Test Drive” for four hands. After two full days of work (i.e. wake up, breakfast, Sibelius, lunch, Sibelius, dinner, Sibelius, bed : ||), I’m glad to say for the first time in months that the notes are in place. Here’re a couple screenshots of the unpolished score:


The most famous eight bars John Powell ever composed

What I personally call “The Weird Bit”. The strings port. and absence of rhythm makes it really difficult to arrange for keyboard. The solo score resolves the problem with a five-bar long chromatic scale, but here trills and tremoli are used.

As you can see, much more time will have to be spent on adding markings and formatting to produce the final score. I had a nasty time wrestling with Sibelius over the four-hand layout while working on “Forbidden Friendship” the other day. In all likelihood I need to take a break for a few days before continuing.

As amazing a track it is, “Test Drive” is equally exhausting to arrange. Last April, I started off with a marching band arrangement, which put my ears under full orchestral blast for days. Basing the piano solo on a seventeen-line score took even longer, not to mention the numerous revisions made over the following months. The duos have been dragged along since. After so many hours spent on one track alone, it’s hard to open any “Test Drive” file these days without a slight cringe. It just burns up my musical fuel faster than anything else.

Still, all hard work has its rewards, and nothing is more gratifying than uploading a new score, writing a new post, then telling myself “I did it!” As “Test Drive” represents the amazing music and challenges of the project at their greatest, every step closer to completion of another arrangement brings me more joy than working on any other track.


2 thoughts on ““Test Drive” Four Hands Preview

  1. Agree with the weird part/Hiccup falls off Toothless… still can’t figure out the notes until you come to the rescue šŸ˜€ Thanks a lot šŸ˜€
    How fast do you play the tremolo part? Is it like alternating two 1/16th notes? or 1/32?

    • šŸ˜€ Not a problem. Marking all tremolos as 1/32 is one of my bad habits. I do it just to make the playback sound nicer in Sibelius. Tremolos I’m used to playing as fast as I can without following the beats. Though I never counted, but I probably play closer to 1/16.

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