“The Kill Ring”, Come-back and other things

*The link is now restored on the HtTYD page.”

“The Kill Ring” has been posted. Click on the image above to access the score. This one probably holds the record for being the highest number of accidentals, tempo change and time change. To be honest, I don’t expect myself to be able to play it anytime soon. Here’re a couple snapshots of the crazy stuffs I had to deal with:

After the last entry, I set the project completely aside so to focus on schoolwork and finals. There were also a few other personal problems I was struggling with. In the end, third year wrapped up quite nicely, with a ten-day field school up near Sudbury (mapping bedrocks in the bushes, in short). The one unpleasant incident was this message someone sent me on YouTube in mid-April:

It took me quite a number of contacts with various friends to conclude that it was just an elaborate scam. The legal publisher for HtTYD scores is Hal Leonard (though they haven’t published any piano ones as far as I know), not DreamWorks.  I asked the guy for the name of his company and never got a reply. Go figure. Still it was a really frustrating experience.

Anyway, as I’m home for the summer, I’ll aim to finish the last seven tracks within the next couple of months. Previewing “Ready the Ships” and “Battling the Green Deaths” the other day, I found that they’re just potpourris of segments of previous tracks. There isn’t really any new melody to work with and that should speed things up. As of other arrangements, “Test Drive” duo is being put on hold, but eventually a duo and a four-hand score will be made for each of the following tracks:

1. This is Berk
8. Forbidden Friendship (duo completed)
10. See You Tomorrow
11. Test Drive
15. Romantic Flight

When I work, I usually stick notes on a rough score of two grand staves (four staves total) before extracting them for actual arrangements. Most of these only need some trimming and testing before they can be published. “Test Drive” and “Romantic Flight” will take longer than the rest because I began with an orchestral score (also transcribed by ear!) and based the solo upon that. Non-piano arrangements will be kept to a minimum, as I’m very poorly acquainted with proper notations for other instruments.

3 thoughts on ““The Kill Ring”, Come-back and other things

  1. Good day, Alex! I’m a BIG HTTYD fan and I love playing piano.
    WOW! You are a very talented pianist! I hope someday I’ll be that good!
    Scams are bad. And so many people make their own arrangements for songs, so that’s odd. It’s not like you are selling them in stores or anything like that. BUT since it’s a scam, nothing to worry about!

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