“Forbidden Friendship” For Two Pianos

The first piano duet arrangement is up! Click on the image below to access the score.

It was around this time last year when I was working on the solo score for “Forbidden Friendship” and realized the potential to include piano duets and piano four-hands as part of the project. There’s a limit to how many notes ten fingers can simultaneously manage across 88 keys…Anyway, formatting took up the main bulk of time for this duet score, with double staff-systems. In addition, I made some revisions to the original solo score at the same time. It will be posted next week.

If you’re wondering where the piano four-hand arrangement is, I’m still working on it right now. It’s a bit more difficult to coordinate notes so that hands don’t end up crashing together.

6 thoughts on ““Forbidden Friendship” For Two Pianos

    • I considered it, but all the piano duet scores I could find on IMSLP are combined so I supposed it’s the convention and stuck to it. Piano four-hands, however, are always on separate pages and will be posted as such. I agree with you on the tedious page turns of piano duets, even though I’ve never seen them otherwise.

  1. Do you know who sebastian wolff is? He did forbidden friendship for piano and i learned it! I love this song and learning it with my teacher would be great! Thank you very much!

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