“Test Drive” Revised, and Other Updates

A new version of “Test Drive” has been posted. Click on the image below to access the file.

The new score is more cleaned-up in terms of notations and dynamics, with fingering added. The technical level is also raised by a slight knotch to better express the way everything sounds in the orchestral version. I made major revisions to parts which I wasn’t happy with in the previous version. Certain passages just didn’t sound right no matter how much I worked on it last summer and it drove me nuts, so I left it aside to continue on with the project. Over reading week, I finally picked it up again and solved all the problems in one clean sweep. An example is shown below.

Old Version:

New Version:

As you can see, the best balance of sound with playability isn’t always easy to find and I often have to think outside the box. Anyhow, now that “Test Drive” is settled, I can finally have a decent score to practise with. Meanwhile, I’m set to clean-up a few other big ones in the coming weeks, like “See You Tomorrow”, “Romantic Flight” and so on.

Work on new tracks is put on hold now. I know I’ve been stuck on “The Kill Ring” for months, but as most of the popular scores have already been posted, I’ll spend the next little while going through them the same way I did with “Test Drive”, so to make sure people have clean scores to play from. Also, due to popular demand, I’ve started working on piano duet and four-hand arrangements. Because it is twice as many bars to sort through, don’t expect them to be posted that frequently, though I’m confident that “Forbidden Friendship” will be up within a month.

Till then,


5 thoughts on ““Test Drive” Revised, and Other Updates

  1. Which one has more priority, duets or the four-hands? It’s very difficult to find a place with two pianos, so I was just wondering what one would be posted first.

    • Judging by the amount of work I’ve put in so far, the four-hands score will be posted first for “Test Drive”.

      I understand your point. Yes, four-hands are more popular, but the posting order entirely depends on how the piece itself works out. For example, the duet arrangement will be posted first for “Forbidden Friendship” because it was easier to work with. I’ll indicate in my “Current Progress” box when future scores are due to come out.

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