“Romantic Flight” Piano Solo

Two and a half months on one track alone – I believe I’ve set a new record. Anyhow, here it is at last. You can either click the image below to access the file, or find it on the HtTYD page. A big thank you to all those who patiently waited all this time!

After the orchestral arrangement was completed back in August, it became difficult to find a big block of time to work on the project, namely because of the new term and the enormous effort spent to revive the pep/marching band (with great success). The score was stuck on my list for a good several weeks before I got myself to the piano again. And from there, it took considerably more time to flatten the full score for piano, as opposed to transcribing directly by ear. Knowing every instrumental part at the back of my head actually made it harder to think in the piano mindset (i.e. having only ten fingers to work with). Despite all these, on top of the much broken schedule, I’m happy to have achieved both, another milestone in the project!

The score is subjected to minor changes in the near future as I proof-play it further.

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