Video Upload

At last, after long delays, the first recordings of the piano arrangements is finally up on YouTube!

“This is Berk” in particular took me two sessions and twenty something takes, but it all paid off in the end, even if it meant wearing my homemade Hallowe’en costume from last year in the middle of August.

School and marching band responsibilities have been keeping me busy since September. I’m hoping to finish editing “Romantic Flight” for upload next weekend. Also, I’ve been considering making new ensemble/band arrangements. Here are a few ideas I have at the moment:

01 This is Berk – Concert Band

08 Forbidden Friendship – String Quintet/Quartet (undecided)

10 See You Tomorrow – Marching Band

15 Romantic Flight – Wind Quintet/Wind Ensemble (undecided)

Further announcements to come, so certainly keep an eye out for those.

Anyways, enjoy and a happy Thanksgiving to those in Canada!



6 thoughts on “Video Upload

  1. A string quartet arrangement of Forbidden Friendship would be awesome! Keep up the good work! I love this soundtrack and your arrangements!

  2. Please make a string arrangement!!! I’ve searched everywhere for a quartet/quintet arrangement, but I couldn’t find any 😦
    But I found this awesome quartet+ 2 flute+ drum+ piano arrangement on youtube

    By the way, amazing job on transcribing all those soundtracks. I hope you continue to transcribe more music, best of luck πŸ˜€

    – D.D.

    • Thanks, I most certainly will! Right now I’m working to transcribe as many new tracks in advance as possible so that I can work on the various arrangements while uploading the piano scores regularly. And thanks for sharing the video as well. Sadly I can’t dig too much into other people’s arrangements, for fear that I’d end up writing something similar and be accused of plagiarism. Either way, I’m looking forward to working on the string arrangement!

  3. It would be absolutely amazing if you could do a ensemble piece for “This is Berk”. I have been scouring the internet for ages and have come up with naught… I’m hoping perform it for my school concert…

  4. Great job on these arrangements! Thank you so much for sharing them – I’m having a fun time learning Forbidden Friendship. I’d also be interested to hear about your plans for developing any ensemble arrangements. Thanks again!

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