“Romantic Flight” Progess

Here’s a quick peek at what my life has been for the whole week past:

Having made marching band arrangments for “See You Tomorrow” and “Test Drive”, I decided to take it a step further with a full orchestral arrangment of “Romantic Flight”, to test the limits of my ears. It’s actually more exhausive than I expected, since I need to blast the music over and over at maximum volume in order to pick out every instrumental detail. I’ve been working on alternate days so to make sure I don’t go deaf. Anyways, I’m quite happy with how it’s turned out so far. The screenshot above shows the finished woodwind section at the climatic tutti.

The completed score will be used to make more precise arrangements for piano and (possibly) ensembles.

To sum it up: I haven’t forgotten about the project and “Romantic Flight” is definitely on its way!


p.s. For your amusement: I’m listening to Beethoven’s seventh on the radio right now and I’ve worked my ears to the extent that I can pick out four to five parts simultaneously. This is scary…

11 thoughts on ““Romantic Flight” Progess

    • Absolutely! I cancelled my initial plan to upload it because it was originally arranged for a much undermanned marching band which I was in at the time. But this year we’ve recruited enough people, so I’m rescoring “See You Tomorrow” with the proper parts played by proper instruments (well, almost). I’ll make an announcement soon about uploading band and ensemble arrangments.

    • The piano arrangement I’ve posted. At the moment I don’t plan on uploading full orchestral scores, as the focus of this site is to make arrangements available. Posting something close to Powell’s original might get me into situations which I’d rather avoid. In short, I can claim credit for making my own arrangements, but not for jotting down notes straight from the soundtrack (almost) exactly as recorded.

      • I felt much the same when I realized that only after the score was done. Two full weeks of intense, scrupulous work and a massive score to which I have no right under the law…However, an arrangement would deserve the same status as all the piano scores.

  1. Could you do arrangement for a stringed quartet (2 violins, viola, cello) or quintet (same but with double bass) but instead give the opening solo to the viola, but one octave lower than the original? Or if you think it would sound better, I would also be fine with the cello. I’m terrible at transposing music (since I was only a violinist).

    • I did attempt a quintet at one point, but it’s left unfinished as I’m not familiar enough with string ensembles to be able to make it sound natural – you know, instead of just pasting orchestral parts to each line. Piano is still the focus of my arranging work.
      In the mean time, there are several string covers of the piece on YouTube. Those musicians might be able to help you out.

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